Kepos & Co | Cocktails & Beer
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Cocktails (sample menu, subject to change)


Dark & Stormy $18

Dark Matter spiced rum, organic smoked cola, fresh lime, grated nutmeg


Paloma & Co $18

Tequila Tromba Reposado, fresh cucumber juice, organic bitter grapefruit, chipotle bitters


Spiced Pumpkin Moscow Mule $18

Ketel One vodka, pumpkin syrup, organic ginger beer, fresh lime


Persian Night $18

Saffron gin, cinnamon syrup, fresh pear juice


Bedouin Caravan $18

Hendricks gin, spiced Lillet Blanc, organic fig syrup, fresh lime, fig

and cinnamon bitters


Ratification $18

Tequila Tromba Reposado, strawberry Lillet Blanc, Ratafia de Champagne, Mezcal, Kahlua, chipotle bitters 


Kentucky Tangerine $18

Bulleit Bourbon 10 yo, Cocchi Americano, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao,

Benedictine, orange bitters


Turkish Coffee Martini $18

Ketel One Vodka, Kahlua, espresso, cardamom pods


Beer (sample menu, subject to change)

Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale (Australia) $9

Almaza Pilsner (Lebanon) $9

Goldstar (Israel) $10

Estrella (Spain) $10

Casablanca Pale Lager (Morocco) $10

Septem Pilsner (Greece) $10

Septem Porter  (Greece) $10