Kepos & Co | Breakfast
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Breakfast at Kepos & Co, 9am to 11.30am Saturday & Sunday

please note this is a sample menu and is subject to change

Banana bread, brûléed banana, salted caramel $14

Zucchini omelette, pine nuts, sausage, herb salad $17

Egg bacon brioche roll, KSK chili jam, roasted tomatoes, spinach $14

Pea and haloumi fritters, smoked salmon, poached eggs $21

Warm hummus, burnt butter, poached egg, taboon bread $16

Baked meatballs, eggs, tomatoes, yoghurt cheese $17

Smoked trout salad, freekeh, asparagus, coriander, hazelnuts $22

Fig, burrata cheese, prosciutto, poached egg, pomegranate balsamic $21

Dad’s favourite brekky / falafel, hummus, labneh, soft boiled egg, tomato salad, taboon bread $17

Kepos benedict / smoked salmon, green tahini, poached eggs, steamed leek, milk bread $21

Lamb pizza, pinenuts, yoghurt, mint $19

Eggs on toast $12

Bacon $4 / roasted tomato $3 / wilted spinach $4 / hummus $4 / smoked salmon $5 / prosciutto $6

KSK churros, salted caramel $13

Our milkshake is better than yours $9