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KCO pattern 125 x 109


DANNY BROE (Principle of Danny Broe Architect)

Danny is a leading commercial and residential architect with over 20 years experience.  He is the principle of his Sydney based practice.  Danny’s practice focuses on solutions that are creative and technically innovative with an intense focus on the clients brief. Danny’s approach is collaborative with client, builder and architect being equal partners.


Danny and his team work closely with the client along each step of the way to ensure an outstanding, high quality result every time. For Michael and Kristy’s brief they took an alternative approach on contemporary design and took cues from vernacular Middle Eastern buildings. They sought to create an atmosphere where diners could replace city-life for a moorish escape.

ALICE PAMMENT (Interior Designer with Danny Broe Architect)

Alice is an experienced interior designer and stylist, whose background in hospitality has led her to restaurant and bar design. Her approach to coming up with an interior scheme for a restaurant is similar to the process she engages for residential design. She uses a minimal palette with rich fabrics and textures to create a warm and inviting space with subtle details.


Alice sourced materials that would work as a canvas to compliment Michael’s food while creating a comfortable ambiance where his guests would feel at home – or Michael’s own kitchen.

Entrance 1600 x 1281

The canvas for the Kepos & Co fit-out was visually appealing and allowed Danny and Alice to explore a balance between modern and vernacular design.


Ultimately, they wanted to achieve a look that was not overly polished and looked just a bit “hand-made” or “hand-built”. The palette was muted combinations of cream, white and beige. And the materials were not overly complicated but rich in texture. Dividing the kitchen and dining room is a large rough-rendered arch wall with recycled brick and timber bench tops. The lighting was one of the most decorative aspects to the design. Traditional Moroccan pendants that filled the ceiling, hang from different heights.